Serve in the Church

You Can Make a Difference

Volunteer to make an impact

One of most important aspects of church is community. We weren’t created to walk through life alone. Serving in the church is a great way to get involved and connected. If you have a heart for children or youth, the gift of administration or giving, or if you’re not sure where you’d like to serve or in what capacity, there’s a place at Hill Country for you get plugged in.



There are dozens of ways to use your gifts and serve at our Lakeline Campus. From helping each of the three Sunday morning worship services run smoothly, to partnering with Community Impact to serve those around us, we can help you find a place.

Steiner Ranch


Get connected to the Steiner Ranch Campus by finding the perfect spot to serve. We would love to help you become a Small Group leader, assist in setting up on Sunday mornings, or even join the tech team.

Brushy Creek


You can use your gifts at our Brushy Creek Campus in a wide variety of ways, from helping take care of little ones in Children’s Ministry, to leading teenagers on their spiritual walk in Student Ministry, and anything in between.

Crystal Falls


Get involved on the ground floor of our soon-to-be-launched Crystal Falls Campus by using your talents to serve in a variety of ways from greeting guests, to helping produce services, to leading the next generation.  Jump in on this exciting opportunity today!