In God We Trust

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Politics and Culture Without the Personalities

The 2016 political season was far bigger than the personalities that dominated the media. It was and is a time of transition and change on a grand scale like we've never seen before.
Our nation is pressing forward in this new direction, carrying with it a wealth of controversial issues and problems. Whether it's racial tension, freedom of religion, morality, or fitting somewhere on the spectrum of political correctness, we are witnesses to an uneasy point in our country's history. But while we are citizens of the United States of America, we are also citizens of the kingdom of God. How can we live in harmony with both identities?
In God We Trust won't tell you who your vote should have gone to. Instead, this series is an opportunity to view our cultural and political climate through the lens of the Bible. Discover God's outlook on the issues that inundate our country, and embrace your calling as an American subject of Christ.

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