Lakeline 6:30pm - 8:15pm First Floor Auditorium (next to Cafe area)

Reconnect, Reignite, and Resurrect your marriage

Re|engage will NOT meet on the following dates:
November 20 and December 25. 

Marriage is a magnificent representation of Christ’s love for His church, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. When two people make a covenant to love and honor one another for the rest of their days, it’s challenging – even for the most seasoned marriage veterans. Fortunately, there’s re|engage.

Re|engage is a program that offers hope to all marriages – whether you’re struggling to get along, feel more distant than ever before, or simply want to grow closer together as husband and wife. You will be placed in a small group with an experienced facilitator couple as well as other couples to work through the curriculum, and you’ll be encouraged by the stories of different married couples who have experienced the victory God offers marriages in the midst of hard times.

You can make your marriage the best it can be. Sign up for Re|engage and experience your own relationship transformation.

New participants are welcome to join us any week, and a Newcomer’s Information Session will be held on the first Tuesday of each month.

Childcare is provided for children 12 years and under. Please click the registration button below to register for childcare. 

Does re|engage cost anything? Yes. When you begin your closed group, it will cost $50.00. The fee will contribute to the administrative cost of running the re|engage ministry. You pay the fee when/if  you and your spouse decide to join a re|engage closed small group.

Please register to let us know you are coming and for childcare (if you register below this does not commit you to the program nor does it ask for payment):

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Frequently Asked Questions

For any other questions regarding re|engage, please contact Charity O’Rarden at

What does a typical night at re|engage “look like”?

The format of the Tuesday night is as follows:

6:30p-7:10pm – Large Group Time (testimony/teaching)
7:15p-8:15pm –  Group Time (different options)

  • 1st Tuesday of each month: Newcomers Orientation
  • For repeat visitors to re|engage: Open Group
  • Closed Group: When/if you and your spouse decide to join a small group, we’ll put you in a group with 4-5 other couples and a facilitator couple, and you’ll work through a Re|Engage participant’s guide together. Once this group starts, you can expect it to last 4-6 months.

What is the origin of re|engage?

The program was launched at Watermark Community Church in September 2008 and has since expanded to other churches in the DFW area and nationwide.

What commitment do I have to make?

Once you join a closed group, working through the re|engage curriculum will require a 4-6 month commitment.  This is the time in which the group is working through the 16-lesson curriculum together.  We like to encourage commitment while emphasizing that we don’t require perfection. We recognize that life’s demands can occasionally cause a couple to miss. One spouse is welcome to attend solo if possible.  If an absence is unavoidable, please communicate in advance to your closed group leaders.

Closed groups are launched with 4-5 couples along with a discussion leader couple.  This is our ideal group size.  We will not add additional members to a group once it has begun. Therefore, your commitment to the group is essential to its success.

Do you provide child care?

Yes, we do provide childcare for children 0-12 years old. They can be dropped off at the HCBC childcare hallway 2nd floor, before re|engage large group, and must be picked up by 8:30pm.

Will I be asked a lot of personal questions at re|engage?

There is no personal sharing required during the large group meeting. Though we encourage you to remain active in group discussion, any personal sharing during the small group meetings is voluntary.

How do I know that what I share at re|engage will be kept confidential? Will it be a safe place to share?

We believe that scripture calls us to refrain from gossip and we ask all participants and facilitators to adhere to the guidelines that what is discussed in the group stays in the group. Re|Engage facilitators are encouraged to operate under the direction of God’s Word in handling the information shared in the group. In order to provide a safe environment, the facilitators have commit to not share information about others outside the group except in the event of the threat of physical, emotional or spiritual injury, then to be dealt with under the guidance of Re|Engage staff.

Can I be honest with people about what is going on in our marriage?

Our prayer is that you will feel safe to share within your small group. We find that the more authentic and transparent couples can be with others, the more they find hope and healing within their marriage.

Is re|engage marriage counseling?

Re|engage is not marriage counseling and the leaders are facilitators, not counselors. They are also growing in their own marriages. Everyone in the group is on the journey to oneness in marriage.

How much time each week outside of the meeting is required to be part of re|engage?

Once placed in a closed group, completion of the lesson will generally take less than an hour each week.  The time required will vary, but it is designed for minimal time commitment. We have found, the more couples are invested in the homework and discussion, the more healing and transformation take place

I don’t know if I’ll have a marriage by the end of the month. Is re|engage a good place for us?

Absolutely! There are many couples who have attended, or are attending, who are separated or divorced. While the outcome is based on the work each individual is willing to do to save their marriage, the platform provides a safe place to focus on what a healthy marriage should look like, and it provides some tools to help grow toward this goal.

We don’t like spending time with each other anymore. Will we have to interact together?

While you will be in a small group together, each of you will be sharing about what you learn personally each week. However, there are some exercises that may require you to interact with each other throughout the process.

My marriage is doing well. Can we benefit by attending re|engage?

YES! The focus of re|engage is on God’s design for marriages. We have found that even the best marriages can benefit from a time of renewed focus on this high standard.

We have only been married for 6 months. Can we still come?

Absolutely! In fact, participating in re|engage at this stage in your marriage is a great idea! The program will provide a strong foundation for your marriage.

We are thinking about getting married (or are engaged). Is this ministry for us?

This ministry is for married couples. Placement in a closed group is not a possibility until you are married. However, we welcome you to attend Open Group as long as you find it beneficial.  We suggest you elect to focus on marriage preparation through a pre-marital mentoring relationship.  If you would like more information on participating in pre-marital mentoring at HCBC, let us know, we would love to help you get connected, please contact Charity O’Rarden at

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